10, 15 People Join 'Scott Pilgrim' Cast

January 20, 2009


If Edgar Wright writing and directing the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim isn't enough to get you into this thing, how about this cast, eh? Cera is going to have to fight Superman and the Human Torch!:

"Pilgrim" centers on young slacker Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who meets the woman of his dreams (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but finds he can win her heart only by battling and defeating her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

[Chris] Evans plays evil boyfriend No. 2, Lucas Lee, a pro skateboarder-turned-movie star, while [Brandon] Routh plays the third evil boyfriend, Todd Ingram, a rocker with vegan psychic powers.

[Brie] Larson plays Pilgrim's ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams, for whom he still has feelings.

Also joining the pic, which will shoot Toronto, are Mae Whitman as Roxy Richter, the fourth ex, a female who is half-ninja; Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, who Pilgrim is dating when he meets his dream girl; and Anna Kendrick as Pilgrim's sister.

Mark Webber plays Stephen Stills, a member of Pilgrim's rock band. Alison Pill is the band's drummer and Johnny Simmons is Young Neil, the band's biggest fan. Aubrey Plaza plays Webber's on-again off-again girlfriend.

Satya Bhabha plays an ex-boyfriend who can summon demon hipster girls at will.

Chris Evans should probably play every extreme-sporting turd that comes up in a movie. Not since Dan Cortese played the mimbo on Seinfeld has someone so convincingly created a mascot for Dudes.

Chris Evans, Brandon Routh join 'Pilgrim' pic [THR]

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