'Back to the Future' Coming Back... to India

January 6, 2009


Ready for a Back to the Future remake? Of course you aren't; you just bought Marty McFly's hoverboard on eBay, and a remake might force you to question your loose idea of time travel that involves people slowly fading from photographs as their likelihood of existing drops.

Well, don't worry. This isn't just any remake--this is a Bollywood remake, and Bollywood remakes are crazy and irrelevant. From BTTF:

According to India's only Film News Service Agency (Realbollywood News), Back to the Future is set to be remade as the fantasy film Action Replay starring two very popular actors in that country.

India actor Akshay Kumar is said to be cast in the Michael J. Fox role and Aishwarya Rai in the Lea Thompson role. Obviously, the director (Vipul Shah) isn't aiming for Kumar to portray McFly as a teenager, since the actor is 41 years old. Likewise, actress Rai is 35.

A Bollywood Back to the Future remake starring a 41-year-old and called Action Replay (like the game cheating thing!) is not worth getting upset about. When this is released, we should all be downloading it and watching it with groups of friends, discussing how 12 musical numbers and Doc having four arms has affected the story. Let's save the angry petition for 2012's Back 2 the Couture, where Miley Cyrus has to go back to her parents' prom to stop her mom (also Miley Cyrus) from wearing a really regrettable dress.

(Thanks, Nate.)

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