Brendan Fraser Hated by Nature Itself

January 27, 2009


What now, Brendan Fraser? What now?

Brendan Fraser will star in and Roger Kumble will direct "Furry Vengeance," a live-action family comedy that will start production by early summer.

Fraser will play a real estate developer whose new housing subdivision pushes far into a pristine part of the Oregon wilderness, pitting the developer against a band of angry critters.

My first thought upon reading this--and it was pondered with genuine concern--was, "Hmm, I wonder if that means talking CGI animals or trained, real animals with CGI and puppets used for the parts where the deer rams his testicles." That's how I know I've finally been broken.

Also, the title Furry Vengeance makes this sound like it's a horror movie about a killer in a giant fox costume, which would probably be the better picture. I'd definitely be terrified to see this guy coming at me with a knife (particularly if Stone Temple Pilots was still playing).

Brendan Fraser set for 'Vengeance' [Variety]

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