Brendan Fraser Still Gettin' Those Roles

January 14, 2009


Hey, there's this now! It's a medical drama that still has no title but does have Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, and a premise based on a shocking true story:

Fraser will play John Crowley, the father of two children who were diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder for which he's told there is no cure. Unbowed, he seeks out the help of an experimental and sometimes irascible doctor (Ford) who works to find a way to save the children's lives. The roles of Fraser's wife and kids have not been cast in what CBS is calling its untitled Crowley project.

No surprise Fraser is in this. Given the well-accepted Infinite Monkeybone Theorem, Brendan Fraser will eventually be in every movie, because no matter how stupid or disastrous one is, Fraser's next film-toupee is always puffed up and middle-parted just over the horizon. But here's what makes this project extra special:

CBS Films chief Amy Baer oversaw development of the project at Sony and said she was drawn to its resonance. "It's an inspirational drama with universally relatable themes," she said. "It's the kind of story where, like an 'Erin Brockovich' or a 'Pursuit of Happyness,' people want to go on the journey because they want to accomplish that for themselves."

It's true. I really want to go on the journeys of Erin Brockovich and Will Smith pursuing happy-ness because I want to accomplish their successes for myself. We all want to be a sexy but respected lady reporter, and to get our son a juicy role in a movie--it's human nature. Untitled Crowley Project is continuing that tradition by offering more themes anyone can relate to--like the theme of having kids with a horrible genetic problem, and the theme of wanting to subject your children to dangerous, untested medicines under the the watchful eye of an old doctor prone to fits of fury. Who hasn't wished for that, or at least to see it in a theater? This is going to be the best FraserFilm yet.

Brendan Fraser joins CBS Films' first pic [THR]

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