'Great Buck Howard' Trailer: Not That Great

January 23, 2009


John Malkovich in the story of a once-famous magician's return to glory would be a no-brainer must-see in the hands of someone like the Coen Brothers--and how did they not make that already?--but instead the offering comes from writer/director Sean McGinly, a man whose resumé consists largely of writing jobs on questionable direct-to-video fare like Sexual Roulette, Strategic Command, Sonic Impact, Fugitive Mind, and other ridiculous combinations of two words. I hoped The Great Buck Howard might be an ascent to something greater, but the jokes about Gary Coleman and the Police Academy sound effects guy tells me probably not. Mocking them, Mr. T, David Hasselhoff, or Screech has been off limits for several years.

A movie with a salad tossing reference shouldn't be rated PG. What if a child has to explain what that means to their parents?

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