Miike's 'Yatterman' Preview, Premiere, Trailer, Dinosaur on a Disappearing Bridge

January 29, 2009


Hey, everyone going to New York Comic Con: I just realized that Takashi Miike, the director of great Japanese films like Audition and Happiness of the Katakuris, is one of the special guests. He'll be speaking and showing a 7-minute clip from his new film, Yatterman, February 6 at 4 PM, and tickets to the 8 PM premiere will be handed out at the Nikkatsu booth earlier in the day.

Why is this exciting?

1. Takashi Miike is pretty great.

2. This film involves giant robots, at least one dinosaur, and an overall feeling of madness.

Here's the trailer:

Why does every Japanese trailer end in an advertisement for a little charm thing? Their culture is such that at the end of any preview, audiences are apparently left with the reaction, "That looked alright, but how can I adorn my mobile phone with it?"

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