Ashton Kutcher Casting Update #2

February 19, 2009


If Ashton Kutcher and family moved in next door to you--and you were a trained murderer--wouldn't you want to kill them? Good, then you'll buy the premise of this new film that will pair Kutcher with Katherine Heigl:

Katherine Heigl has signed on to star opposite Ashton Kutcher in the Lionsgate thriller "Five Killers."

Film reteams Heigl with helmer Robert Luketic, who most recently directed the thesp in upcoming romantic comedy "The Ugly Truth."

Story kicks off when a woman meets the man of her dreams while on vacation. Married bliss is turned upside down when they discover that their neighbors may be assassins hired to kill them.

As of now, it's still not clear whether this film or the NFL quarterback/nerdy child body-switching movie is the prank on Hollywood. Both seem equally infeasible yet depressingly real.

(I just realized this was announced five months ago as an action-comedy rather than a thriller. It's always so hard to tell if what Kutcher is doing is meant to be funny or thriller. For example, is Kutcher strangling his fetal self with an umbilical cord meant to be funny?)

Heigl, Kutcher to star in 'Killers' [Variety]

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