Awful Acting, Writing, Action Confirmed in Case of Seagal v. Vampires

February 10, 2009


The Steven Seagal versus vampire freaks movie, Against the Dark, was released on DVD today. You probably bought it on your lunch break and have been staring at it all day just dying to get it home. You should have taken a sick day for it. So here's a little Seagal snack to help you out: a clip in which people casually deliver eye-rolling dialogue, then Seagal shoots a freak with a shotgun. I get the impression it was meant to be a chase scene until Seagal went off script by refusing to show any weakness. "I know you wanted me to run here, but my acting instincts were telling me to mutter something indecipherable and fire a weapon."

You might have made a horrible purchase today.

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