'Candy Land' Gets Writer, Director, Candy

February 5, 2009


Universal has announced the writing/directing team for their movie based on the board game Candy Land, and you know they're going to screw up the part where someone picks a card with a color on it and then advances to the next instance of that color:

Studio has set Etan Cohen to write and Kevin Lima to direct a live-action feature based on the enduring Hasbro board game.

Lima most recently directed the Amy Adams starrer "Enchanted" after helming the animated features "Tarzan" and "102 Dalmatians." Cohen's recent script work includes "Tropic Thunder" and "Madagascar 2," and he most recently rewrote "The Fiance," the Burr Steers-directed romantic comedy that will star Anne Hathaway.

I am highly opposed to this. When a kid is playing Candy Land, they should be basking in the dreams of living in a candy-based world and enjoying the freedom that comes with chance controlling your every move. They shouldn't have to stop and say "Wait, Madison, if I'm rounding Gumdrop Lane, does that mean I'm after the part where Alan Cumming as Dr. Licorice has kidnapped the kids and they're about to reluctantly return to the human world through the Lollipop Portal?" Let the children keep their context-free world paved in diabetes. Trouble, on the other hand--go ahead and make a Trouble movie. What's the trouble? Let's find out.

'Candy Land' coming to bigscreen [Variety]

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