'Gigantic' Trailer and John Goodman in Gigantic Old Guy Glasses

February 11, 2009


Prepare for indie asphyxiation: Paul Dano is an awkward, subdued late-20s dude. Zooey Zeschanel is a classic Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Put them together (with an appropriate soundtrack) and we have quirky, unbearable romance!

However, as annoying as this has the potential to be, I'll give it a chance for two reasons:

1. I'm really, really pleased to see John Goodman making the transition to respected-comedian-turned-indie-actor (see: Bill Murray) instead of respected-comedian-turned-tragedy (see: Steve Martin). I didn't know if he'd ever fully escape the shadow of King Ralph.

2. I'm also really pleased to see Upright Citizen Brigade's Ian Roberts in absolutely anything, but particularly to see him delivering lines about black market Chinese babies being awesome.

Here's your trailer:

(Thanks, Daniel.)

How about it?

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