Halle Berry Playing a Really Great Jewel Thief Again

February 17, 2009


In spite of a poorly-received showing last time she was allowed to tackle the criminal profession, Halle Berry will once again play a jewel thief in a movie, says the Variety:

Halle Berry has become attached to star in "Who Is Doris Payne," a Eunetta Boone-scripted fact-based film about an international jewel thief whose career spanned five decades.

The project is being developed by J2 partners Justin Berfield and Jason Felts. That duo just got their first pilot pickup when Fox Broadcasting greenlit "Sons of Tucson," bringing Berfield back to Fox for the first time since he starred as Reese in "Malcolm in the Middle."

Even with the cat-burglary similarity, I wouldn't worry too much about Doris Payne bearing much resemblance to Catwoman. After all, this isn't some silly comic book movie--this film is fact-based. For example, have you ever heard the fact that a drowned woman can sometimes be revived by the messenger-cat of the Egyptian goddess Bast, bestowing upon her powers of cat-like reflexes and agility? Maybe it will be based on that fact. Who knows!

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