How to Live Beyond 2012 (the Movie)

February 16, 2009


Thanks to Kim for passing along this email from Sony Pictures. They're getting all cute and J.J. Abramsey for that 2012 movie, and have set up a site that explains (with visuals!) how the triple-threat of solar flares, crystal displacement, and Planet X will destroy Earth. I knew we shouldn't have displaced those crystals in 2011:

IHC - Institute for Human Continuity


Thank you for registering for the lottery and for your interest in survival and the Institute for Human Continuity. As a holder of a lottery number, I wanted to inform you of the launch of the comprehensive website for the Institute for Human Continuity where you can find out more information regarding the IHC lottery and what to do concerning survival.

The information contained on the site represents the culmination of years of thinking by the world’s most prominent people and outlines the ambitious initiatives the institute is developing in its efforts to preserve mankind beyond 2012.

In the weeks ahead, we will continue to update the site with new findings and valuable information. So please be sure to visit the site regularly to stay informed.

We need your help to insure a future beyond 2012.


Dr. Sorën Ulfert, PhD
Communications Director
The Institute for Human Continuity
Twitter: sorenulfert

A lottery for survival is a cute idea, but let's face it, if humanity is ever faced with extinction, it won't be a chance drawing that determines who carries on our species. It's all going to come down to who's invested in personal rocket crafts, which I assume will be only the Japanese. They'll probably be driving to work in personal rocket crafts by 2012, so try to get a Japanese businessman as a pen pal now if you don't want to be human fuel.

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