I Will Not Last '12 Rounds' with This Movie

February 27, 2009


After the Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 trailer, I stressed that the classic good guy and criminal mad-man in a battle of wits and acting doesn't work for me if I'm J. Travolta is involved. I just don't buy it.

Well, I'd now like to amend that statement, adding that it also doesn't work if I'm supposed to believe WWE wrestler John Cena is going to outsmart the politician guy from The Wire. Though it helps that the trailer implies all of his dialogue consists of shouted simple sentences:

You could never get both a champion wrestler and an overweight guy in a suit out of an elevator within a minute! Time to make a choice!

This is no Die Hard 2, Renny Harlin. By which I mean there's no part where Bruce Willis ejects out of an airplane straight at the camera and says "Oh, shit!!!", which basically defines Die Hard 2 for me.

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