'Inglourious Basterds' Teaser Will Beat You with Baseball Bat, Carve Swastika into Your Head

February 11, 2009


If it were like the '40s and I was enlisting as a Nazi, I would hope, before signing the final paper, someone would show me this video just to get me the fair warning: "Look, being a Nazi, yes, you get the glory of fighting for our führer, and of course there are all the beautiful Aryan girls, but there's also Brad Pitt and these eight other dudes that want to mercilessly torture and kill us, and with Pitt asking for 100 scalps a piece, that's at least 800 of you who are going to be praying for death as Eli Roth beats you with a Louisville Slugger. Just so you know."

Even if one of the guys is the chubby nerd from Freaks and Geeks, I still would not signing up after seeing this. Also the whole violent, racist agenda part would probably turn me off a bit.

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