Madea's Criminal Activity Does Not Diminish Her Fan Base

February 23, 2009


No one dared go against the power of Tyler Perry's Thing this weekend, and T.P. made the most of it:

1. Tyler Perry's Mades Goes to Jail - $41.1 million. Just when I thought nothing could make the concept of prison scarier than this, Tyler Perry has to throw his cross-dressing persona in there too.

2. Taken - $11.4 million, thanks to continued word-of-mouth that "Liam Neeson is fucking badass in this thing."

3. Coraline - $11 million. Can we let Henry Selick make more movies yet? He should be the stop-motion Pixar by now.

4. He's Just Not That Into You - $8.5 million. The first couple weeks of this film's success were due to its impressive star power. Now it's just sad ladies without friends hoping for answers on whether or not a guy is into her.

5. Slumdog Millionaire - $8 million. Even when it's safe money, no one wants to bet on a horse they haven't seen running.

Weekend Box Office [Box Office Mojo]

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