Michel Gondry Making 'Green Hornet' Out of Cardboard and Clouds

February 24, 2009


When it was announced Seth Rogen's portly face would be behind the mask of Green Hornet, it was definitely an odd, unexpected choice, but one tempered by the inclusion of Stephen Chow as both director and Kato. Maybe, with the aid of his comedy-action direction skills, Rogen as Green Hornet could be the new HEATH LEDGER IS THE ONLY JOKER EVER. It probably wouldn't be that hard, considering that the general perception of Green Hornet is somewhere in the range of "some dude in a suit and a green mask, I think" to "who?"

But then Chow dropped out from directing, and it looked like the film might not even get made. EXCEPT now Michel Gondry stepped out of his dream chamber and said he'll do it. So not only will this not be your grandpa's Green Hornet, this is shaping up the Green Hornet you never could have feasibly put together in your mind given infinite time.

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