NFL QBs and Child Nerds Have So Much To Learn About Each Other

February 18, 2009


Of all the awful body-swapping movies--and there are a lot, for some reason--this is definitely in the running for worst:

Ashton Kutcher is looking to tackle a football comedy for Paramount Pictures.

Thesp is in final negotiations to star in the sports-themed pic "Traded," which had been developed at DreamWorks but became the property of Par following DreamWorks' exit in the fall.

Storycenters on a superstar NFL quarterback and a 12-year-old middle school geek who magically trade bodies, then quickly learn valuable lessons about humility and courage.

An NFL quarterback and a 12-year-old geek switching bodies. Those two will learn so much from each other! Anyone can see why those two would switch bodies. Man, if I could have gotten into Troy Aikman's body as a 12-year-old nerd, I'd be so much wiser today. All that knowledge of being an adult paid to play a sport would really have really paid off somehow.

I think I would have preferred to see a car salesman trade bodies with a terminally-ill girl, or a master gardener switch places with a cat, but this NFL quarterback/middle school nerd combo seems like an equally non-arbitrary choice. And you have to save something for the sequel.

Ashton Kutcher to star in 'Traded' [Variety]

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