'Observe and Report' Poster Carefully Avoids Mentioning Mall Cop Profession

February 20, 2009


This would probably be more effective if it just came out and said, "Look, we know you're thinking this is just Paul Blart 2: Knocked Up, and we can't blame you for that. Two fat mall cop movies in four months? Yeah, we weren't thrilled about that either. But this one is written and directed by Jody Hill, who did The Foot Fist Way and the new HBO series Eastbound & Down, so how about giving it a shot, OK? We pretty much guarantee it's better than Paul Blart."

That might be a lot of text to take in on a poster, but I'm afraid we need that kind of verbose advertising to let Observe and Report succeed in a post-Blart world.

Observe and Report Poster [IMPA]

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