Petition to Strike Joker from Future

February 12, 2009


Some people don't want the Joker to ever be in a movie again, and are using internet power to say so. From CNN (thanks Rick and Allison):

A group of Heath Ledger fans have taken their reverence for the late "The Dark Knight" star to a whole new level.

Followers of the actor, who electrified audiences with his chilling reinvention of The Joker in the second Batman blockbuster, are calling for the character to be retired from the movies permanently.

Ledger supporters at new Web site, The Ultimate Joker, launched a petition last week calling for studios to remove The Joker from any future Batman movies. The petition currently has 2431 supporters.

2,431 supporters? That's nothing. That's like a reasonably-sized high school supporting it. The Joker petition probably has the same number of votes as the student council petition for the lunchroom to serve pizza twice a week. Let's continue, though:

"We think Heath deserves this honor," the site's team leader, Fer Barbella told CNN over the phone from Buenos Aires. "He is the ultimate Joker."

"We are Batman fans from the comics and from the movies," he said, "After we saw "The Dark Knight" we thought this Joker was really the best. It deserves to be withdrawn from any Batman sequels.

"When Michael Jordan retired they withdrew the number 23 jersey as an honor. It's the same thing with Heath."

No, it's not at all the same thing as Michael Jordan's jersey number. Michael Jordan's jersey number was not the central antagonist in a mythos that pre-dated Jordan wearing it by decades. Anyway, what's the plan for this petition?

The trio say that if they collect enough names they may go to the studio direct to present their petition.

"As soon as we start seeing that we have more than 50,000 names on our Web site, perhaps we will go to the Warner Brothers gate and do a bit of activism," Pimentel said.

That will definitely not work. After they've made literally a billion dollars on a film involving the Joker, 50,000 signatures from the same people who thought no one could top Jack Nicholson's performance will stop them from casting a new Joker? That does not make good horse sense.

Look, I don't think anyone, including Christopher Nolan or Warner Bros., wants someone else to play Joker any time in the near future. No reason to argue that. But to say no one should ever play the character again? That is stupid. Every child should grow up with the dream they may one day get to wear clown makeup, fashion their own clothes, and fill their pockets with knives. And what about when we have hologram movies? Are they suggesting I won't get to see the menacing grin of the Joker beamed directly into my brain, in 3-D? Then why even bother developing special holo-brain-chips? I need these questions answered before I'm entering my fabricated information on any web petitions.

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