Steroid Dealer from 'Wrestler' Arrested for Dealing Steroids

February 19, 2009


Classic case of life imitating art or just a guy being a turd? I just saw this on NBC New York:

An actor who played a steroids dealer in the movie "The Wrestler" was arrested on drug charges after leading police on a high-speed chase in Eastchester on Thursday.

Scott Siegel was under surveillance by DEA agents who saw him picking up a package in New Rochelle on Wednesday before leading them on a car chase in his SUV, investigators said.

Siegel struggled with DEA agents before they were able to take him into custody at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Main Street, authorities said. Siegel is charged with attempting to distribute steroids and assaulting a federal agent.

Thursday's arrest was not Siegel's first brush with the law. He was arrested in 1999 for distributing steroids, ecstasy and an animal tranquilizer that can be used for hallucinations.

Siegel's character sells the main character Randy "The Ram", played by Mickey Rourke, steroids and painkillers in a locker room in "The Wrestler".

They say the best hiding place is sometimes out in the open, but I'm not sure that applies to playing a steroid dealer in an award-winning film and then actually being a steroid dealer. That's more being a fool. And with Mickey Rourke also nearly taking part in Wrestlemania, what is up with everyone trying to make The Wrestler become reality?

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