Who Watches the 'Watchmen' 3 1/2 Hour DVD?

February 19, 2009


Let's fast forward a couple weeks. You're walking out a showing of Watchmen, thankful the movie met at least some of your expectations, and even more thankful to be free of the packed theater's body odor haze. You're thinking, "I'm the kind of guy or girl who buys movies on discs for home enjoyment. How many versions of this am I going to have to buy?" So let me tell you: Zack and Debbie Snyder told Collider the first release, which will likely contain the theatrical version and a 3:10 director's cut, will come out around Comic Con (late July, for non-nerds). Later in the fall, we'll get the Ultimate Edition--a three-hour twenty-five minute cut that includes the Tales of the Black Freighter story. Still no mention of a bulky, trinket-filled version that won't fit in your DVD shelf or a bare-bones, full-screen version for parents to buy for Christmas even though you specifically asked for the ephemera-filled box set.

(Thanks, Rick.)

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