50-Cent, E-Rob Join 'Expendables'

March 20, 2009


You can stop looking for Idi Amin or Gandhi in Stallone's The Expendables. Forest Whitaker and Ben Kingsley are out! And in their place, you're getting a 50-Cent and an Eric Roberts, respectively. Sly lays it out in the following message he sent to AICN:

Hale Caesar is Curtis Jackson Toll Road (new character) is Randy Couture Monroe is Eric Roberts Tool (an ex-Expendable) is Mickey Rourke Bao is Jet Li Lee Christmas is Jason Statham Lacy is Charisma Carpenter Sandra is Giselle Itie (famous Brazilian actress) And Barney 'the schizo' Ross is Yours Truly.

The anger of the casting of 50 Cent is understandable,
but not fair. A player is only as good as his coach. If a man can
communicate in one medium, he can communicate in another if his strengths
are brought out and he has the support of well-wishers. So, trust me, the
change of Forest Whitaker to 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson is a good one.

Nobody wanted Eric Roberts over Ben Kingsley, but I believe it's a vastly
improved casting. The point is, you either believe in me and the project,
setting your personal feelings aside, or you take a darker approach, which
really serves no purpose since your insight and suggestions and overall enthusiasm are a great thrill for me to behold everyday I sign on.

Of course nobody wanted Eric Roberts over Ben Kingsley, but you don't have to say that, Stallone. Don't rub it in Eric Roberts' face that he is Eric Roberts. He managed to get in The Dark Knight. Let him have that for few years before reminding him he will never, in any way, be more desirable an actor than Ben Kingsley.

It's alright, E.R. At least you still have your hair.

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