Audiences Just Knew to See 'Knowing'

March 23, 2009


Your weekend box office results:

1. Knowing - The proven formula of Nicolas Cage running around with a really, really concerned look has paid off yet again: $24.8 million.

2. I Love You, Man - $18 million--a fairly lucrative weekend for bromance, if bromance is a term you use and track the success of.

3. Duplicity - $14.4 million. An American spy played by an attractive American star in a love affair with a British spy played by an attractive British actor is too intriguing a concept not to see (except when obligated to first see the new Nic Cage movie).

4. Race to Witch Mountain - $13 million. Poll: would you rather... a) race to Witch Mountain? b) take your time and enjoy each others company to Witch Mountain. c) don't care.

5. Watchmen - $6.7 million. This is probably my last chance for a really good "Who Watches the Watchmen" joke, and I've got nothing.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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