Bonus Marmaduke!

March 6, 2009


Following today's revelation that Marmaduke once co-existed alongside Heathcliff, my friend Kevin did some research into this cartoon menagerie (searched on YouTube) and found some clips I think you should look at. Man, what a miserable thing it is. All the painfulness of a Marmaduke comic but with the added dimension of time. But on the plus side, I think Scatman Crothers might sing the theme song:

The brief intro manages to use every Marmaduke joke. As a writer for the show, I wouldn't know where to go after this.

Here's an episode where, for some reason, the owner-boy is catatonic and Marmaduke's leash is a piece of string:

I respect their willingness to stare into the face of obvious Scooby-Doo comparisons. Why can't Marmaduke also fight ghosts with his signature snicker?

Oh, and while looking at Scatman's body of work on IMDB, I noticed this. Oof.

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