'Bottle Rocket' Criterion DVD Comes with Useless Stuff I Need

March 26, 2009


The Criterion Collection's release of Bottle Rocket came out months ago and I still don't own it. Who do I think I am, a non-materialist content in owning lesser versions of things? I'm trying! But it's hard when I see someone has taken some photos of the DVD's insert: a recreation of Dignan's 75-year plan notebook from the film. That's so good that I need it sitting in a box on a shelf where I'll never touch it. Seriously. Plus, I hadn't realized that artist Ian Dingman, who did the new cover, also did a bunch of illustrated scenes for the menus.

I have no shame in admitting this little booklet makes want a film I already own far more than does the promise of a Terminator skull. So someone give me this. Thanks.

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