'Death at a Funeral' (2010) to Re-Invent 'Death at a Funeral (2007)

March 11, 2009


Chris Rock has astutely noticed that Frank Oz's 2007 comedy Death at a Funeral was not made this year and does not take place in an urban American setting, and he's out to fix that (via A.V. Club):

Chris Rock is set to star and co-write "Death at a Funeral," a re-imagining of the 2007 comedy, for Screen Gems and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

Aeysha Carr will write the script with Rock for a comedy inspired by the SKE-produced original, which was written by Dean Craig and directed by Frank Oz.

Plan is for an ensemble comedy about a funeral ceremony that leads to the digging up of shocking family secrets, as well as misplaced cadavers and indecent exposure. While the original was set in Britain, the new film will take place in an urban American setting.

How closely the Hollywood model resembles the format of my friends and I wasting most of a night playing old Mega Man games. As soon as one guy finishes their attempt, someone else is already swatting at the controls claiming they can do better, only to usually fare much worse. The main difference is that, when Hollywood does it, the result is too often a two-hour waste of time; with us, it's still a wasted two hours, but at least we finally end the tyranny of Gemini Man.

(Thanks, Will.)

Chris Rock rolls with 'Funeral' [Variety]

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