Dennis Quaid Working on His Clinton Impression

March 25, 2009


If you've got an HBO subscription, keep an eye out for Dennis Quaid to be playing that president from all the McDonald's and semen monologue jokes. The gruff-speaking actor has signed on to play Bill Clinton in the Frost/Nixon playwright's directorial debut, The Special Relationship, a TV movie that, surprisingly, has nothing to do with infidelity. Rather, it's "about the unique and sometimes turbulent political relationship between the newly installed [Tony Blair] and the U.S. president," and Frost/Nixon's Michael Sheen, already Blair twice before, will again play the prime minister. Julianne Moore will co-star as Hillary, so, you know, either a joke about gaining ankle weight or something about a pantsuit fitting.

Quaid to play Bill Clinton in 'Special' [Variety]

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