Have a Better Look at Cobra Commander's Stupid Encased Head

March 26, 2009


The G.I. Joe forum HissTank has posted some new shots of the Cobra Commander toy, complete with head enclosure, fashion trenchcoat, "M.A.R.S. Industries radical exponential nano-injector system", and a snake. Some questions:

1. Look, I understand that sometimes comic book and cartoon visuals have to be reeled in for the big screen, but why replace the character's traditional, relatively humble metal mask (or sometimes hood) with this far more outlandish Terminator skull respirator?

2. Is this head thing metal or glass? I really can't tell. The photo makes it look metallic, but on the toy I can clearly see his Freddy Krueger head. Plus, the toy's included file card notes that Cobra Commander's "mask covers disfiguring damage from a fiery accident," so if it's transparent, it's doing its job horribly. Unless it's like those Transitions lenses.

3. When Cobra Commander got out of the surgery or whatever to put his head in this thing, was he not like, "Was I not clear that half the point of the mask was to make my horribly disfigured face slightly less repulsive? So why did you give me the nose of the FernGully bat? Come on, guys."

(Thanks, MachineGunEtiquette.)

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