Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Exchange That Sperm with Your Own

March 11, 2009


Jeff Goldblum, most commonly associated with the bodily function of pooping, is about to shake things up a bit and co-star in the semen-switching comedy The Baster:

Jeff Goldblum has joined the cast of "The Baster," Mandate's romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, the story follows a man (Bateman) whose female best friend (Aniston) plans to become pregnant with artificial insemination, but he replaces the preferred sample with his own. Seven years later, she returns to New York with her son, and he is forced to live with the secret that he is the child's real father.

Goldblum will get to exercise his comedy chops by playing Bateman's business partner and confidant, whose idea of working out is walking slowly on the treadmill while eating a candy bar.

What great characterization! "This guy is really bad at working out. Really lackadaisical, plus defeating the purpose by simultaneously consuming empty calories." And maybe I'm wrong, but shouldn't someone fitting that description be overweight, or at least not noticeably lean and fit? As much as I like Jeff Goldblum, I fear they've miscast the "horrible exerciser" character.

Jeff Goldblum heats up 'Baster' film [THR]

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