Judd Apatow's 'Ghostbusters'

March 2, 2009


Looks like Judd Apatow will be adding Ghostbusters 3 to the sometimes inconsistent line-up of Pineapple Express, Drillbit Taylor, Knocked Up and others. Apatow Productions is officially attached to produce the third G. Busters film:

Judd Apatow's name has been attached the rumors about Ghostbusters 3 since they first began, with all reports saying he would be the producer for the film written by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Greg Stupnitsky. Now the production has gotten so close to actually happening that Production Weekly is listing it-- and wouldn't you know, Apatow Productions is right there in charge.

Does this mean the trailers will triumphantly announce that Ghostbusters 3 is "from the guys who brought you The 40-Year-Old Virgin"? Because the far more impressive part is still that it's '"from the guys who were the Ghostbusters--even Bill Murray, I shit you not!" I don't think other claim should attempt to usurp how unbelievable and possibly tragic that is.

Apatow Productions Officially In Charge Of Ghostbusters 3 [CinemaBlend]

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