'Jurassic Park' ... with Aliens!

March 13, 2009


I love movies about recreational facilities in which man oversteps ethical boundaries to bring scientific wonderment to the masses! Thankfully there's a new film with just such a theme, being described as Jurassic Park with aliens:

Warner Bros. and Unique Features partners Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne have set Joe Stillman to write "Alien Zoo," a high-concept family comedy.

Based on an original idea by [producer Dylan] Sellers, the concept is "Jurassic Park" with aliens. The film will be live-action with CGI.

Stillman's recent script credits include the first two "Shrek" films; the upcoming Jack Black starrer "Gulliver's Travels"; the animated film "Area 51," which Sony releases this fall with Dwayne Johnson as the lead voice; and "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," which will be directed by Chris Columbus.

Oh. I thought we were talking about Wayne Knight smuggling alien DNA in a Barbasol canister while our heroes narrowly escape ray gun fire and the banner announcing "When martians invaded the earth!" symbolically drifts to the ground. A funky green alien teaching a human boy about universal compassion while a new song by Smashmouth fades in is not the Jurassic Park with aliens I was looking for.

Oh well. We all knew my hypothetical version would have inevitably ended with a shot where you learn our universe itself is an alien's zoo for man anyway.

Joe Stillman joins 'Alien Zoo' [Variety]

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