Keira Knightley To Be Cloned, Clavicles Harvested

March 2, 2009


If any "haters" generate complaints about Keira Knightley acting robotic in her next role, at least she can blame it on her character being a clone! Because, as everyone knows, human clones are basically robots. Or so they say:

[Keira Knightley] is ditching the period garb and going futuristic, signing on to star in the cloning-themed thriller Never Let Me Go.

Per Variety, the would-be blockbuster centers on a trio of British boarding school students who grow up isolated from the rest of the world only to realize they are actually clones whose sole purpose is to have their organs harvested.

At least if there are any hater-generated complaints about a robotic performance this time around, Knightley can blame it on her character.

Thanks for the tip, Brandi, even though your subject line, "Never let me go," made me feel I was more wanted than was the case.

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