Mickey Rourke is So Passionate

March 12, 2009


What lady will kiss Mickey Rourke's slightly frightening visage? The Wrestler star has just landed a part in the Mitch Glazer-scripted Passion Plays, but the studio still needs a special lady to co-star. Are you she?

The resurgent actor has attached himself to "Passion Plays," in what will mark the first dramatic role he has signed on for since winning a Golden Globe and other kudos for his performance in "The Wrestler."

Mitch Glazer will write and direct the indie tale, the logline of which is being kept under wraps. The film is said to be seeking a female lead opposite Rourke.

Glazer is the screenwriter behind the Al Pacino CIA saga "The Recruit" and the Bill Murray holiday comedy "Scrooged."

Mickey Rourke is back!! Can I get away with just saying that for every time he's cast in something for the next year? Because that's my plan.

Mickey Rourke finds 'Passion' [THR]

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