Modern Warfare Just Got Both Cuter and More Horrific

March 24, 2009


I've seen most modern war films that have been considered graphic or controversial in their portrayals of violence. I've played one of those Call of Duty realistic combat simulation video games. But I have never found war as disturbing and morally questionable as I did watching this trailer for the anime Cat Shit One (perhaps you read the manga under its American title, Apocalypse Meow). It is truly unsettling. You haven't fully understood the horrors of Middle Eastern warfare until you've seen them through the eyes of a rabbit on its hind legs fighting an anthropomorphic camel:

(Thanks to Mike T.)

I thought this would be a gag in some way, but no. This (cat) shit is real. It's just like watching a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 but starring those Blockbuster commercial pets from a few years back. Bet you didn't expect to see the oft-parodied freeze-frame-and-sudden-change-to-graphic-background character introductions with GD MILITARY BUNNIES today, did you? And I bet you DID expect to see cats at some point. Nope! Today is ripe with terrible surprises.

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