New 'Up' Trailer: Pixar Has Made Talking Dogs OK

March 9, 2009


A couple months ago, I heard from someone that attending an Up screening that Pixar had included a talking dog character to co-exist with the humans. I thought for sure these guys had finally slipped up. Oh, how the mighty had fallen for adorable talking pooches. I mean, a completely unjustified speaking animal serving only as comic relief? What is this movie, a Disney without a /Pixar immediately following it? But alas, no, the longtime leaders in computer animation have made yet another innovation to the field: rationalization for a funny talking animal sidekick. They did it. Just explain that the dog is wearing a specially designed collar that translates his dog-talk into various human languages and it's time for naysayers like me to shut the fuck up.

Here's the new trailer:

Since the dog thing is cleared up, I have nothing negative or amusing to say. Looks like another unforgettable movie equally accessible to young and old.

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