Queen Latifah in 'Just Wright', Presumably as Wright or Character in Love with Wright

March 27, 2009


A basketball player and a physical therapist falling in love? Never, you think; basketball players are too good at basketball to ever fall for such a pleb. Normally I'd agree with you, but in this case the physical therapist is Queen Latifah, who, if you've been watching Last Holiday on TBS, you know was able to win the heart of LL Cool J, whom ladies love. So believe it:

Queen Latifah will star in the romantic comedy "Just Wright" for Fox Searchlight.

Dubbed a modern-day Cinderella tale, story centers on a female physical therapist who falls in love with a basketball player while helping him recover from a career-threatening injury.

A modern-day Cinderella tale. So, in modern society, basketball players are our princes and physical therapists are our indentured sisters. That works. Impart the message to girls that, if they work hard enough in college, they might just be able to get a job that grants them close proximity to professional athletes, who they can then try to marry. In this wintry economy, even trophy wives need degrees, ladies.

Poll: In Just Wright, how many times will Queen approximate the sentiment, "Why would he be into me?" I'm saying over one hundred times.

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