'Sorority Row' Trailer: Sorority Life Isn't All Pillow Fights -- Sometimes It's MURDER

March 19, 2009


Why isn't I Know What You Did Last Summer part of the standard school curriculum yet? College-age kids need to know that, if they accidentally kill someone and subsequently try to cover it up, someone will inevitably know what they did last summer, put on a murderin' hood, and come for revenge. Get IKWYDLS into classrooms. Let the children know it's better to confess their crimes and face the consequences than to face the wrath of a hooded serial killer. Or at least let them know that I Know What You Did Last Summer exists so that they won't grow up and make it again:

"Oh, we're chopping up the body? OK, I'll start by plunging a tire iron into her heart. That's chopping up, right? I'm helping?"

Also, Carrie Fisher is the killer.

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