Time to Sell Some of Those Fancy Cars, Cussler

March 11, 2009


You may have been content to let the memory of 2005's box office flop Sahara fade (you've probably even forgotten Dwight Schrute was in it), but not everyone can so easily erase the Matthew McConaughey adventure from their mind. Namely, our judicial system: Clive Cussler, author of the bestselling novel of the same name, has been in a legal battle with Paramount since '04, when he claimed they breached contract by not giving him final script approval. Cussler lost that battle in '07 at the cost of $5 million, and now Variety reports he's lost the counter-suit, which will cost him another $13.9 million to compensate Paramount for their legal fees unless he wins his appeal

So why is this relevant to you? Because it means we're definitely not going to have to bear another Dirk Pitt adventure starring Matthew McConaughey! We've all won today. Besides Clive Cussler.

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