'TR2N' Probably Not Called 'TR2N' Anymore, Has Awesome Fight

March 3, 2009


If you love the Tron sequel spoilers, AICN has new information on what Jeff Bridges and his son are doing in the CLU with the MCP cones and whatever. But if you're like me, less thirsty for general TR2N news, mostly just interested in why anyone would see fit to name a movie TR2N and if there are any light jet versus light cycle battles, here's the news on that front:

1. Seeing that every human thinks TR2N is a stupid and unpronounceable title, Disney has reportedly decided against it, and will likely be going with the popular format of [Old Movie's Title]: [Some Sort of Subtitle]. I stand by my suggestion of inTRONet.

2. There will be a light jet/light cycle battle, which sounds incredible.

That's all you need to know. For now.

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