Warner Gets in the DVD Burning Business

March 23, 2009


Following in the footsteps of my download-crazy friend in college, Warner Bros. has announced a new on-demand service where they will burn DVDs, complete with packaging, for you:

The studio's home entertainment division has come up with an innovative plan to allow custom ordering of 150 films never before released on DVD. Dubbed the Warner Archive Collection, an online vault of films including 1942's "Once Upon a Honeymoon," starring Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers, and 1947's "Possessed," with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford, can be tapped by consumers visiting WarnerArchive.com.

Upon the selection and purchase of a title -- at $19.95 per disc -- Warners will burn, package and ship the DVD to customers for receipt within an estimated five days. The studio plans to increase initial inventory in its virtual vault by 20 titles per month and make more than 300 film and TV titles available online by year's end.

Why not just make them available for downloading or streaming? In this video-on-demand age, this is printing out emails for grandma. But I guess, seeing that grandmas are probably one of the biggest audiences for 1942's Once Upon a Honeymoon, that makes some sense. Just make sure grandma can somehow order these DVDs during her weekly Walmart trip.

Warner Bros. customizing DVD purchases [THR]

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