'17 Again' Reestablishes Popularity of Age-Changing Fantasy Comedy

April 20, 2009


Many hard-earned money rectangles were spent this weekend, many of them going towards seeing these five films:

1. 17 Again - A respectable $24.1 million, proving Zac Efron can do more than play a singing, dancing high school basketball player. He can also play a high school basketball player who is secretly older.

2. State of Play - 14.1 million taut, thrilling dollars.

3. Monsters Vs. Aliens - $12.9 million, holding onto the third place position for the second straight week. Guess they didn't get the memo that third place is second place loser: NO FEAR.

4. Hannah Montana: The Movie - $12.7 million, giving it over $50 million in total. I'd think that would be enough profit to warrant a sequel, so here's what I'm thinking: Hannah Montana gets so popular that the character within the movie is offered her own movie. Meta! But there's a problem: the producers notice Miley on the street and demand she plays Hannah's sister! How is she going to work that out when they're the same person??? Ut-oh! Pretty good, right?

5. Fast and Furious - $12.3 million and FURIOUS.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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