'Alvin and the Chipmunks' ...with an Easter Bunny

April 6, 2009


Easter is almost upon us, and with the arrival of egg hunts, baskets of chocolate, and resurrected saviors, so too comes the realization that, hey, Easter is a holiday--time to make some easily marketable, high concept movies for the Easter-loving masses! This year's batch has a distinct cgi-rabbit-dancing-to-rap scent, with just a hint of Dax Shepard-in-a-bunny-suit:

Sony Animation is pre-emptively picking up "Hip Hop" by Greg Ostrin and Michael Weiss for mid-six figures. The deal happened at the same time that Illumination Entertainment, the Universal-based shingle with a history in animation, purchased "I Hop" to act as its first live-action pic.

In "Hip Hop," the Easter Bunny decides to retire and hides out as a pet with a suburban family, turning their lives upside down. The tone is being described as along the lines of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and "The Santa Clause." The plan is to make the movie using a mix of CGI and live-action.

In "I Hop," the Easter Bunny is hit by a car driven by a slacker. When the bunny can't hop because his leg is broken, the driver must train to take over the job and save Easter.

Hmm, now to decide which title's double entendre is more forced and irrelevant. The one that references a music style simply because it includes the word "hop"? Or the one that makes more sense as a title but for some reason shoehorns in an allusion to a pancake chain? Tough call. It probably depends whether or not Hip Hop gets Coolio to do the voice.

Film world jumping for Easter Bunny [THR]

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