Fast/Furious Combination Still Successful

April 6, 2009


1. Fast and Furious - $72.5 million? That's ridiculous. I swear, it's like no one's seen Vin Diesel drive a sweet car before.

2. Monsters vs. Aliens - $33.5 million, a 44% drop since last week, probably in response to the lackluster ending. The monsters using a laptop to upload a virus into the alien mothership was pretty far fetched. If Macs and PCs aren't even fully compatible, what are the chances we could plug in a Powerbook and upload a functioning virus?

3. The Haunting in Connecticut - $9.6 million. It's just so hard to take a haunting in Connecticut seriously when we now know Connecticut's greatest threat is its psychotic ape population.

4. Knowing - I am slightly disappointed that Adventureland only made $6 million but Nicolas Cage-predicts-disasters-with-numbers still pulled in $8.1 million in its third week. Such is Cage's power.

5. I Love You, Man - Male-on-male non-sexual affection earns another $7.9 million.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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