Final 'Wolverine' Trailer: Your Last Chance to Debate Bone Claws

April 22, 2009


The plan to advertise Wolverine by attaching the superhero to a massive, cheese-smothered pizza isn't doing so well in promoting the film (though I assume it's doing great in promoting artery clogging), so Fox has released one last trailer to give the film a final push before its May 1 release. Seems a bit excessive after that two-hour trailer a couple weeks back, but here you go:

My favorite scene was when Wolverine was like, "Let's have a pizza party, bub: extra large, extra cheese--like a pound of cheese!"

And Sabretooth was like, "Really? That seems like a disgusting amount of cheese."

"Nah, it will be great."

"No meat or anything? I thought being feral and manly was sort of your thing. How about some peppero--"

"NO! Cheese only! And a lot of it! Literally a pound of cheese."

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