Gervais Playing Short, Fat, Sweaty Loser of His Made-Up Creature Book

April 29, 2009


Flanimals, the book series Stephen Merchant described as "The Ricky Gervais book for kids with pictures of made-up creatures in all different colors... drawings by his mate," is officially headed to movie time. Variety:

Universal-based Illumination Entertainment will create a 3-D animated feature based on "Flanimals," a children's book series by Ricky Gervais.

Gervais will voice the lead character, and the script will be written by Matt Selman ("The Simpsons").

The four-volume series, illustrated by Rob Steen, encompasses a world inhabited by 50 species of creatures so ugly and misshapen they become cute and endearing. Gervais' character, a pudgy, perspiring purple creature, goes on a mission to change the world. "It will be great to play a short, fat, sweaty loser for a change," Gervais said. "A real stretch."

Pop culture snob children are already claiming Gervais's books will be vastly superior to this watered-down, American-written crap.

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