Ice-T is a Cool Mule

April 21, 2009


In the interest of bringing forward every athletic, self-aware animal film that comes to my attention, here's the trailer for Tommy and the Cool Mule, starring Kevin Sorbo as the clichéd heavy-who-wants-to-buy-the-family-house-to-build-a-golf-course and Ice-T as Jackie A., the cool (stereotype-reinforcing, Mr. T-impersonating, farting) mule. It's a must see. Talking mules are always a cinematic goldmine.

Now that I assume you've familiarized yourself with the material, I just want to touch on a few moments:

- First off, who is this lady to attack the looks of Kevin Sorbo? If she knew he was over 50, and that he was Hercules, I bet she'd be really impressed.

- I love when the the narrator explains that Jackie A. is "hip," as illustrated by the shot of the mule slowly walking outdoors. Playing record scratching over an animal giving a boy a gentle ride does not suddenly make the activity hip. (Granted, the next shot, with the mule in the off-kilter cap and gold chain, makes him seem pretty hip.)

- I genuinely can't wait to find out why Jackie A. is momentarily wearing glasses and a fake beard. I'll accept the idea of a talking mule--between random genetic mutations and witchcraft, it could happen--but where is he getting all these costumes?

- Did you notice when the kid gets hit in the head with a board, and colorful sparkles appear? Is that a cartoon-like daze or magic? I'm not sure which would be more logical in a talking mule picture.

Otherwise, it looks pretty solid.

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