'Naked Dawn': Rob Schneider's Parodies No More Ridiculous Than Rob Schneider's Real Movies

April 8, 2009


Thanks to TetterkeT for pointing out this trailer for Naked Dawn, a Red Dawn spoof in which a naked Rob Schneider is a nudist colony's only hope against clothes-loving Russian invaders. With the way your boss is about seeing Rob Schneider's butt, you probably should wait until after work for this:

The absurdity of this fictional movie would play a lot better if Rob Schneider weren't in an actual movie where his organs are replaced with animal parts, granting him the abilities of the creatures and winning the heart of a Survivor contestant. How are we to discern between a spoof and a really elaborate pitch? I'm pretty sure this really will be in theaters as soon as they can work out the Norm McDonald cameo.

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