Second 'Hangover' Coming Before You Can Recover from the First

April 6, 2009


Warner Bros. is hoping you're up for further man-child post-debauchery adventures before even you've seen the original man-child post-debauchery adventures: the studio has already started moving forward with a sequel to The Hangover:

In a multimillion-dollar commitment, Warner Bros. has set “The Hangover” director Todd Phillips to write a sequel with Scot Armstrong.

The dealmaking comes two months before the first “Hangover” goes out through WB on June 5.

In the comedy, groomsmen take the betrothed for a last fling in Las Vegas, then become so caught up in the revelry that they lose the groom.

While studios often wait to see box office results before committing to a sequel, “The Hangover” has tested strongly, and a trailer brought down the house at ShoWest.

Seeing that Three Men and a Baby was deemed fit to birth Three Men and a Little Lady, I can find no reason to complain that this far more promising comedy about three irresponsible guys caring for an infant is being prematurely handed a sequel. Carry on, everyone.

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