Star Trek Fans Saw New Star Trek, Loved New Star Trek

April 7, 2009


Man, some Treksters have all the luck. Last night, Stark Trek fans who attended the Alamo Draughthouse's showing of Wrath of Khan were treated with a nerd super-surprise: Leonard Nimoy showed up. SPOCK. Heard of him? Oh, and they got to watch that new Star Trek movie, and they fucking loved it:

According to a friend who called in to TrekMovie after the event, the audience reaction was very positive. There were "genuine laughs" at the jokes and "quiet moments" with the serious character stuff. And apparently the crowd applauded at the introduction to each character. The film ended with a standing ovation.

People packed in a theater to see Star Trek 2 probably aren't the best crowd for an objective opinion of how the film will play for general audiences or people like me, who mostly just watched syndicated Next Generation episodes after school. Applauding at the sight of each character tells me this was not a completely unbiased crowd. However, they are a scrutinizing crowd, so we at least know Spock's ear shape has been perfectly replicated or we would have heard about it.

TrekMovie has more information.

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