Stephen Fry Voicing Chesire Cat, Tony Blair Doing White Rabbit

April 23, 2009


Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland just got posher. Yesterday, Stephen Fry "did a Twitter," as they say, revealing he's lending his voice to the Chesire Cat in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:

Playing Cheshire Cat. Smug, complacent, cheese-eating grin - moi? Walking off to studio in next ten minutes

And later added:

Michael S [Michael Sheen, aka Tony Blair in every movie that has Tony Blair] is the White Rabbit ...

(here via AICN)

UK readers surely know Fry from his variety of comedy, acting, and hosting duties, and while Wikipedia claims "Fry has become known to American audiences for his recurring guest role as Dr. Gordon Wyatt on the FOX crime series Bones," I'm not sure American audiences actually watch Bones, so below the cut, I've included a short clip of him speaking. Listening, you can imagine how appropriate he'll sound voicing the famous line, "Alice, it's me: the magical, grinning cat named The Chesire Cat. Welcome to Wonderland."

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